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About Us

About us

Who We Are

Radio-Télé La Fwa/ Faith radio-tv was inspired and created with the goal to propagate the Word of our Lord. We aspire to reinvigorate the Faith of the believers through our different shows and to bring to Christ the non-believers. Our goal is to Glorify the Name of our Lord and to testify, through our words and actions, of HIS Presence among us while we incite Christians to boldly live their Faith.

Our Mission

Our aim is to use different shows to reach different segments of the population and spread the word. Our religious shows aspire at evangelizing while we intend to also educate on the fundamental values of society going astray such as family, education, respect of one another, work ethic and many more.

Meet our amazing team.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between.

Benedict Lamartine
Sister Brunette

Help us bring the Word of the Lord to every home!

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