Benedict Lamartine is a Gospel Singer, An Actor & Producer.



Please help us support Radio Tele Lafwa. Tele Lafwa is a radio station that is committed to bringing God’s words to the people. Our mission is to feed the minds and souls of God’s children with shows of spiritual and/or social content. However, even such a noble cause cannot survive without adequate funding to cover the radio’s many expenditures. We are asking for your prayers and financial support, as we endeavor to continue with the mission of saving souls.


We hope you will donate generously to help protect and preserve the mission and legacy of Radio Tele Lafwa. We are wholeheartedly grateful for your love, prayers, and financial support. Your generous donations will help bring our vision of saving souls to fruition. Thank you for your generous contribution in saving God’s children; may God bless you and your family.  Please donate! Donate! Donate!